Magnus Ottertun

"Magnus Ottertun is from Sweden and lives in Malmoe, just across the bay from Copenhagen. He has a northern wry but courteous sense of humour. I know of no one who combines the private and the artistic sides of life so completely as he does. But he is peripatetic, with no direction and no goal, almost like a wandering Japanese poet. Ottertun is highly sensitive to the way we live these days. What I imagine he might call our predicament. Some of his video work reminds me of Tati, or Cantinflas. Once, while still my student at the Malmoe Academy, he and another student secretly took a large portion of the grant we had been given to do a project about the new Copenhagen/Malmoe bridge. They used the money to treat themselves to the most expensive dinner in the most expensive restaurant in town. But they did video it. Ottertun is a writer as well as a visual artist, and often combines the two by making diary-like narrative videos..." Jimmie Durham 2010

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