Ulrik Teisner

I am a Danish male living in Copenhagen with a career as food carter and chef.

An autodidact photographer since 2001 backed up by classes in classic composition, street, storytelling, photojournalism and portrait.
“Street photography” has been the favourite form of expression until my attendance at Master Class “Visual Story Telling” with photo school Fatamorgana, Copenhagen in 2017 (https://www.fotoskolen.fata.dk/).
Since then photo collage and story telling has been my favourite tool. Something I enjoy immensely.
During my stay at Fatamorgana I discovered a very personal way of expressing what’s important for me.

My CV is almost non-existing except for a major street photo decoration job in a doctor’s clinic north of Copenhagen in 2013.
Beyond that mostly private photo jobs and selling’s and photography for the love of it without any thought of going public.
I have produced one book with the best of my street photography for friends as the main target.
Going public was never an ambition - until now –probably because I for the first time have produced a footprint that represents me and have a story worth telling.

The Master Class in Visual Story Telling with Fatamorgana in Copenhagen finished as mentioned in November 2017.
My teacher was Mette Frandsen (mete@mettefrandsen.com)( http://www.mettefrandsen.com/).
You are most welcome to contact her for references.

As the main project for this Master Class the book I like to present at Mabb 2018 was created and is called “Bente’s bog”.
Side projects were a collage collection reflecting on religion and faith, and a comic style “badass” storybook about a photographer who sets out to photograph his own darkness

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