Animal nature r-evolution (stor)

Multipeln - Titel
Multipeln - Titel

Nov 27, 2017

Animal nature r-evolution (stor)

När Naturen frigör sina oerhörda krafter får det konsekvenser som kommer att påverka oss alla.
Ett revolterande gensvar. För Naturen svarar an på hur vi behandlar henne.

Richard Solstjärna: Animal nature r-evolution (stor)

  • Årtal: 2017
  • Upplaga: 10 st
  • Lager: 1 st
  • Pris: 5000 kr
  • Mått: 130 x 110 cm

Om konstnären

Abstract Painting dominates my artistic expression. In my paintings the Energy and Forces which are immanent in Nature are visualized.
Forces at work in maximum self-sufficiency. Primary, undiluted, full of tension. Never at ease always in moment. A pulse in rhythm and rhyme.
Emerging from a Void, an emptiness and silent space which is the source of its origin.
The theme, the allegories and concepts form the basis of my creations and for the technique I will avail myself of. There are no rules. Any preconceived image are dissolved for that particular artwork to emerge. Installations are made when the theme and work calls for it.

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