Counter Strike

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Jun 13, 2014

Counter Strike

The "Counter strike" serie point of departure is our time conflicts and courses of event. Who are these masked warriors? What do they want? Without Identity they could be you or me.

Michel Thomas: Counter Strike

  • Årtal: 2014
  • Upplaga: 5 st
  • Pris: 2000 kr
  • Mått: 20 x 55 cm


Om konstnären

Michel Thomas grew up in Paris, France and has exhibited both in Sweden and internationally. Michel Thomas work within photography questions the boundery between reality and the fictional.
His body of work visualize the social structure of our time. Photography questioning the, so called, normality.

"Michel Thomas catches the ambiguous moments of daily life. He has a genuine interest in, and a curiosity about how ordinary people manage to cope and deal with situations in everyday life. He finds complex visual stories in everyday events that creates double meanings between the visual and metaphorical. Using a straight photography documentary tradition as point of departure, he explores structures and social malaise of daily urban life."
Kajsa Lindskog, Curator for the swedish part. of LIPF 08

"MICHEL THOMAS insert in his pictures metaphor and representation, often layered. His photographs are becoming contemporary icons, fragmentise, rich on textures, colour accent, well balanced as compositions. He uses technical precision to achieve the precise and right expression. The statement in his pictures operate on historical awareness, existential question, future allegory..."
S.Nilson NHA.

"I think Michel is a great person. He comes up with great activites that gets people all over the world involved. When he starts the job he spends many hours helping others and creating a fantastic end result. His projects have been a lot of fun and I look forward to any new ideas he may have to get the world together."
Kathy Neufeld.

"I'm quite taken by your photography and the thought behind the sky/earth/horizon montage series. I'm also especially fond of your photo illustration, taken in Asia"
Paul Ryan. Australian Anthill

2001-03 Masters of Media, New media communication
2001 Konstfack, Visual communication
1998 Dramatiska Institutet, Interactive media
1992 RMI-Berghs, advertising photography
1979 American Center, Paris. portrait photography

1999 Stiftelse Framtidens kultur

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