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Dec 3, 2013


Multiples , art and / or design?
Is it relevant to distinguish between art and design , form and content , appliances and spiritual nourishment ?
Education KUR ® or Kur / Kurr has specifically arisen from the question posed by Multipel.nu steering committee.
If a policy statement is required read below otherwise skip only to see objects taken from their everyday function as pallet and brush.

Statement :Readymade text : http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mona_Lisa
..The artistic avant-garde has repeatedly targeted the artwork's iconic status . Most well-known is probably Dadaism and surrealism parodies . Marcel Duchamp in 1919 decorated a cheap reproduction of the painting with a mustache and goatee. Under the picture, he added LHOOQ which in French can be read as "Elle a chaud au cul " ...
Inspired by Freud's psychoanalysis can even this statement be seen as representative of KUR ® .

Lena Eliasson Ewald: KUR®

  • Årtal: 2013
  • Upplaga: 30 st
  • Pris: 2500 kr
  • Mått: h 45 cm diameter 35 cm


Om konstnären

Lena Eliasson Ewald is a Swedish artist known for incorporating theories of consciousness in her search for the pattern that form the basis for our creative culture. A common theme in her art is inquiry and introspection into dualistic conceptualization. Each concept represents one or more of the polarities of consciousness that act like obstacles to insight. The audience is challenged to transcend the polarity that the work represents as well as demonstrates. Lena Eliasson Ewald’s artwork is well represented in public institutions. Early assignments included monumental art in exclusive homes and offices within the Swedish business community. These missions were carried out in collaboration with art galleries in Stockholm, Malmö, Umeå and Bergen, Norway.

Public Duties
2003 Umeå Municipality
1991-1995 Chairman Umeå Municipality Studio Association
1999-2001 Board member KRO Västerbotten
2003-2005 Board member KRO National Board
2003-2005 Board member Konstfrämjandet National Board

1993 Swedish Arts Grants Committee Scholarship
2006 Swedish Arts Grants Committee Scholarship
2007 Maria Wine och Artur Lundkvist Scholarship

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