La sexta hora

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Dec 13, 2016

La sexta hora

La sexta hora (The sixth hour) Expression that comes from the noon of the Roman day, six hours after sunrise, from sexta, which become the word: Siesta (mid-day nap). As I could observe the mid-day nap is disappearing in the contemporary cities. This is something remarkable in Madrid. When I was a child shops used to close three hours at midday for naptime. While recently this brake is reducing to one hour, or even has ceased to exist.

Urban areas for over a century have walked towards the slogan 24/7. A slogan where there is no possibility to stop, for chance or hazard, but the time of markets, communication networks and productivity. In these terms, rest is positioned as a timeout to the laws of the market. It is clear that the time for sleep has been declining: we have gone from sleeping 10 hours in the middle of the s-XIX until 6.22 hours sleep on average at present time. The book La sexta hora has tried to reflect on the reasons that drive us to lose sleep or rest and sought some way to pay tribute to the dead time of our daily life.

Helena Fernandez-Cavada: La sexta hora

  • Årtal: 2011
  • Upplaga: 300 st
  • Lager: 2 st
  • Pris: 400 kr
  • Mått: 22 x 34 cm

Om konstnären

She tries to draw every day in order to launch questions and play with them, a process that ranges from conceptual nomadism and the questioning of established relationships to contradiction as an attitude towards life.

She has participated in diverse group and solo exhibitions: Diógenes y los perros. Un ensayo sobre el ocio, Casa del Lago (Mexico City, 2014), Just an idle question, while away the summer, Inter Arts Center (Malmö, 2014), Muy pronto será tarde, Desiré Saint Phalle (Mexico City, 2013). She has received grants from INBA, the Apoyo a la Producción e Investigación en Arte y Medios, Centro Multimedia, the Beca de Artes Plásticas of the CAM, among others.

Her books – La sexta hora, Pasatiempos and Muy pronto será tarde have been launched at museums as well as in public spaces.

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