The bird

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Jun 13, 2014

The bird

The title “The bird” in this work refers to two uses of this term.
1. A female. Usually, but not always, used in reference to an attractive female. “That bird is fine!”
2. The finger, as in giving someone the finger or the bird. It is an obscene hand gesture, which is often a sign of extreme or moderate contempt, roughly equivalent in meaning to "fuck off" or "fuck you”.
So here you have a nude figure giving you the bird…

Rolf Graham: The bird

  • Årtal: 2014
  • Upplaga: 50 st
  • Pris: 750 kr
  • Mått: 4 x 5 x 14.5 cm


Om konstnären

Rolf Graham likes to explore every day thoughts and perceptions by the use of humor in his sculptural work. The humor can be present in the actual form of the sculpture, the title or maybe both. He has a fascination for advertising, symbols and icons, whether they are modern or historical. Currently he creates his sculptures using 3D computer programs and prints them with varied 3D printing technologies.

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