The Norm of The Locked B

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Nov 30, 2012

The Norm of The Locked B

Sofia Härdigs 5th album. Here in a limited signed edition of 100 copies. In conection to the performative multiple Sofia is Performing at Dunkers Kulturhus Helsingborgon 30 nov 2012

On the Norm Of The Locked Room Sofia has first worked with the album electronic and self played all the instruments needed. The she has opend her closed room and invited musicians like John Essing(bob hund), Per Svensson (Freddie Wadling), James Welburn (Tony Buck-The Necks) etc. Collecting recordings in Berlin, Malmö and Stockholm. Then for months she’s been sitting and beating all the thousand takes into pieces to rebuilt them again afterwards. To something bigger and more dangerous. Tone for tone. New Loops and contexts. She says herself that she felt llike a mad scientist.possessed with music, alone with her giant puzzle. In the same way that she has been working with her more electronic records before. But this time with more traditional rock instruments.

Sofia Härdig: The Norm of The Locked B

  • Årtal: 2012
  • Upplaga: 100 st
  • Lager: 19 st
  • Pris: 200 kr
  • Mått: 31,5 x 31,5 cm

Om konstnären

SOFIA HÄRDIG is a Swedish musician, composer and sound artist. She works both as a solo artist with with several record releases and as a improvisation musician in noise and experimental music. She works with voice, live processing, guitar, laptop, electronic, cassettes. keyboard etc. She also writes, produces, mixes and arranges music for her own albums and to dance, film and other artist.
5th December 2012 she is releasing her 5th solo album featuring musicians like John Essing (bob hund) Per Svensson (Freddie Wadling) and James Welburn (Tony Buck-The Necks) She has worked with musicians from The Hellacopters, bob hund, Free Kitten(US), Bordoms(JAP), OOIOO (JAP), Sundburned Hand Of The Man (US). And played with many experimental musicians like Ikue Mori (US), Yoshimi (JAP), Mats Gustafsson (SWE), Sofia Agnél (FR), Lotte Anker (DK) and many more. She has from time lived and worked in Berlin, New York, Stockholm and Malmö.

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