This land is your land

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Oct 14, 2013

This land is your land

Ein Seesturm an der Norwegische Küste, 1837

Adaptation of Andreas Achenbach´s historical painting by the same title


Maiken Stene: This land is your land

  • Årtal: 2013
  • Upplaga: 50 st
  • Lager: 3 st
  • Pris: 500 kr
  • Mått: 25 x 18 x 19 cm

Om konstnären

Maiken Stene is interested in the theatrical aspect of painting. Paintings can transfer the observer from one place to another and is a constructed reality, an illusion of a place that is different from physical space. For Stene, working with visual art is a way of seeking the unknown in the everyday and attempting, through cross-boundary encounters, to unite the outer and inner world. More recently she has studied how the illusion of depth and perspective is formed in painting. With older paintings as a point of departure, she separates the depth of the images into several layers and subsequently reunites the parts, with a certain distance between them. This way of working gives an insight into how depth can be created and represented in a painting. By showing both the construction and the illusion, Stene allows inner and outer worlds to meet. The relationship between nature and the industrial world is often the focus of her work. Taking her point of departure in mining and images from the romantic period of industrial landscapes, Stene created for her MFA graduation show at the Malmö Art Academy in the spring of 2013 a vast installation where the projection and sound of a giant excavator, working in the night, accompanied the viewer on a journey through a deconstructed painting. The stage set, a mountainous landscape, sharpened the force of central perspective and brought the viewer inside the artwork on a journey from darkness to light and back to darkness.
- Patrick Amsellem

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